Citizen Science

Citizen Science

Citizen science involves citizens (lay public) in research projects. It brings science closer to people and people to science. There are different ways how citizens can engage. The forms of scientific projects differ, depending on modern technologies, thanks to which anybody can become a citizen scientist–pupils, students, teachers, amateur enthusiasts interested in science, people working in different fields, or senior citizens. Volunteers most often collect materials and data or participate in field observations. They cooperate with professional scientists, research institutions, or non-profit organisations.

Citizen science brings many benefits to society, of which the most valuable is creating opportunities to build trust between the scientific community and the public.

Citizen science is best characterised by the 10 Principles of Citizen Science developed by ECSA (ECSA (European Citizen Science Association). 2015. Ten Principles of Citizen Science. Berlin.

The term citizen science is relatively still little known in Slovakia. Therefore, we are raising awareness about this topic through our website and an online course on citizen science. This course also comprises videos with the representatives of citizen science projects in Slovakia.

Citizen Science Ambassador for Slovakia

Zuzana Stožická applied for the position of Ambassador of Citizen Science for Slovakia in the framework of the international project European Citizen Science and was selected for the period 1. 3. 2024 – 1. 2. 2026.