A repository is a network-accessible storage system in which digital objects may be stored for possible subsequent access or retrieval. The repository has mechanisms for adding new digital objects to its collection (depositing) and for making them available (accessing), using, at a minimum, the repository access protocol. The repository may contain other related information, services, and management systems.

(Kahn, R., Wilensky, R. A framework for distributed digital object services. Int J Digit Libr6, 115–123 (2006).

Types of repositories

  • Institutional:  contains a variety ofpublications that an institution wants to deposit, store,  and make available, including grey literature;
  • Disciplinary (subject/thematic): focused on a specific scientific discipline, e.g.,, PubMed Central® (PMC);
  • Multidisciplinary (all-catch, universal): enables authors worldwide to deposit various types of research materials in various formats: articles, datasets, software, etc. For example, Zenodo:;
  • National: they store, archive, and provide access to the country`s publications, research data, and grey literature.

Repositories can be focused only on research data or preprints.

Open access repository

An open-access repository or an open archive can be defined as a digital platform storing research results and providing free, online and permanent access to its content. According to the Directory of Open Access Repositories, the majority of the content freely accessible (83.2%) is accessible via institutional repositories.

More helpful information on open access repositories, their management, policies, best practices, etc., at:


COAR (Confederation of Open Access Repositories) is an international association that brings together individual repositories and repository networks in order to build capacity, align policies and practices, and act as a global voice for the repository community. Among other useful resources, it provides a toolkit with best practices and educational resources to support interoperability, discoverability and the development of value added services.


ROARMAP (Roar Registry of Open Access Repository Mandates and Policies) is a searchable international registry charting the growth of open access mandates adopted by universities, research institutions and research funders that require their researchers to provide open access to their peer-reviewed research article output by depositing it in an open access repository.

Repositories and registry/directory of repositories


OpenDOAR is the quality-assured, global Directory of Open Access Repositories, registering repositories that provide free, open access to academic outputs and resources. Each repository record within OpenDOARis carefully reviewed and processed by a member of the editorial team. Slovak repositories in OpenDOAR.


ROAR is a registry of open access repositories whose aim is to promote the development of open access by providing timely information about the growth and status of repositories throughout the world.


Re3data is a global registry of research data repositories covering research data from different academic disciplines. It includes repositories that enable permanent storage of and access to data sets to researchers, funding bodies, publishers, and scholarly institutions. Re3data promotes a culture of sharing, increased access, and better visibility of research data. More at:

Directory of Open Access Preprint Repositories

This directory provides a list of preprint repositories that are available to the research community. It helps researchers find the most appropriate platform for them, enabling them to browse through existing repositories by discipline, location, language, functionalities, and other facets. It is managed by CCSD and COAR.


Zenodo is a multidisciplinary repository with open access, promoting open science. It was launched in 2013, and it is run by CERN. It primarily serves as an archive for their research data, documentation, or any other research outputs. As it is a catch-all (general, universal) repository, it is not restricted to one funder or nation–Zenodo welcomes research from all over the world and every discipline.

OAPEN Library

It is a central repository for hosting and disseminating OA books. It provides services to researchers, publishers, libraries and research funders in the areas of hosting, depositing (repository), quality assurance, dissemination, and digital preservation. Publishers must publish scholarly, peer-reviewed books freely available or under an open license.

Slovak repositories: