The Contact Office of Open Access was established at the Slovak Centre of Scientific and Technical Information (the SCSTI) in 2016. It plays a key role as a national coordinator and methodological body for open science in Slovakia. One of the activities of the office is to raise awareness about open access and open science and fulfil the tasks arising from international projects in which the SCSTI participates. The office actively participates in fulfilling the tasks of the National Strategy for Open Science for 2021-2028 and the Action Plan to the National Strategy (updated every 2 years) and supports collaboration between individual stakeholders of open science and open access publishing in Slovakia.

Every year, the Contact Office for Open Access organizes professional events, webinars, accredited training and courses to support open science, and provides consultation services.

More information in Let’s open science! or send us an e-mail:

E-mail: otvorenaveda@cvtisr.sk

Tel. no.:+421 2 69253 175

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