Open Science in Europe



The European Research Area (ERA) is the ambition to create a single, borderless market for research, innovation and technology across the EU.

It helps countries be more effective together, by strongly aligning their research policies and programmes. The free circulation of researchers and knowledge enables:

  • better cross-border cooperation
  • building of critical mass
  • continent-wide competition

More information on ERA, ERAvCorona action plan, recommendations to EU countries in the European Semester, timeline to revitalise ERA, news.

ERA Documents and Factsheets.



Slovakia also participates in the ERA through the national project SK4ERA.

The project aims ‘to create a functional system to professionally support the participation of Slovak public sector institutions and companies in the ERA and European research and innovation programmes.’ Two main activities have been identified to achieve the goals:

  • To enhance the system of professional support for Slovak researchers and innovators to foster their participation in international projects.
  • To improve the level of information and promotion of Slovak research in the ERA

More information on SK4ERA.